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Relocation Moving Home

​Some Lenders allow you to retain your existing home pending your current property sale for a period of up to 6 months whilst also providing financing for the purchase of your new home. You may also construct a new home, with a period of up to 12 months to sell your existing property.

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Negotiate a better loan rate

Lenders and Banks often advertise loan rates that are in fact inferior to what a skilled Finance Broker may be able to negotiate for you. When was the last time your existing lender or bank approached you and offered you a rate below their advertised rates and packages? Do you actually have the best lender who offers the best deal for you? Did you know that for Mortgage Finance, this can be usually obtained for you at no cost to you as the lenders and banks pay us so you don't have to - it can be a Free Service when arranged from our office, with no additiional costs or interest rate applicable on this mortgage financing. 

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Loan Qualification - home / investment / business

Are you unsure on how much you may qualify for in financing?

Self Employed and Business Borrowers, do you find it daunting and confusing meeting requirements for the provision of financial statements and analysis?
Let us take the guess work and stress out for you. We assist and determine your finance qualification for you, we are skilled and specialise in providing a quick analysis of your financial position including any business structures and financial statements and your ability to borrow. We can provide loan qualification or pre-approval financing from a selection of many lenders and banks to assist with your property purchase or refinance.    

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Insurance - How much do I need, and how does it work

Have you ever felt uncomfortable about your insurances - do you have enough coverage for all possible events, do you understand the differing types of insurances - Life/ Disability/ Trauma and Income Insurance and contract features /benefits and limitations. Are you paying too much in premiums or underinsured.

Can you pay your mortgage, bills and living expenses should you become sick or have an injury? What would happen to your family home and your assets and investments and debts in the event of death or disability of a family member or yourself and how would the loss of income from death or disability be replaced to support loves ones or business needs.
We can help you determine the right coverage with insurance policies features and benefits that can be best matched to your requirements from a range of insurers we access, whilst ensuring your coverage and premiums are competitively based and tax effective - saving you money and stress, and putting certainty back into your affairs by providing protection for your capital / assets and income needs.
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Superannuation / Retirement - How much do I need, and how does it work

Are you worried about your financial future, concerned you may not have enough superannuation, worried about how much you will need for your retirement. Maybe you're confused about the never ending changes to leglislation, and the complexity of superannuation and retirement rules.

Let us assist by completing an analysis of the forecast future projections of your superannuation retirement monies and how much and for how long will this fund your desired retirement income stream needs. We can further assist with comparing and providing strategies to assist you with creating and maintaining a greater sum of superannuation and retirement monies, whilst managing this in a tax effective manner. We can provide advice on legislative matters and remove the uncertainty and complexity for you.   
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Are my Investments still suitable, how and where to invest in a volatile market

Concerned about investing, markets ups and downs of increasing concern to you. Looking for effective structures and investments that are easy to manage and have taxation benefits.

We can assist in providing investments that are suitable for your specific needs and goals and objectives. We will allocate your agreed investments according to your preferred investment risk that you require. You may wish for either or a combination of a maximum protection of capital invested, high tax effectiveness, specified or high income and or capital returns from your investments - the choice is yours.
We can provide ongoing services such as reporting, regular investment portfolio reviews, and investment portfolio adjustments as required, and also advice on any legislative changes. The level of ongoing service and support on your investments is your choice to make, be it if you prefer to either have you adviser activity, minimally, or not at all, involved with managing your investments - the choice is yours.
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